About Us / Mission Statement

Transatlantic Mode got its start in 2017, when two Americans living in Cologne, Germany sat down to talk style and realized that so much of our fashion lives and who we are have been shaped by our lives spent between two worlds. We launched ™ to capture what that feels like. When it’s not Airplane Mode for us, we’re on a mission to find style that matches who we are. We explore the continent to find fashion that lasts, nothing fast. We prefer boutiques to too cheap. And we believe in timeless style -- there’s no such thing as needing to “look your age.”

Work With Us

At Transatlantic Mode, we love working with brands but we only work with brands we love. That means you can be sure if we’re writing about something on this site, it’s a favorite of ours. Most of the time, we are writing about things of our own initiative but if we’ve been paid to write about it, we’ll let you know (#sponsored). If you’re a brand and think we’d make a good fit, hit us up at info@transatlanticmode.com.

Sabrina Cooper