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“I Actually Wore This” Embraces “What Was I Thinking?”

Who can declare with 100 percent certainty that every item in her/his closet is absolute style perfection? When it’s time to sort out your wardrobe, isn’t there at least one garment that has you thinking: “What was I thinking?” A new book celebrates those moments. And some of those stories will likely bring a huge smile to your face and possibly a chuckle.

“I Actually Wore This: Clothes We Can’t Believe We Bought” with words by Tom Coleman and photography by Jerome Jakubiec is a collection of personal accounts where different celebrities, fashionistas, media personalities and everyday people discuss a dress, suit, jacket, or pair of shoes that were tragic mistakes—but they can laugh about them now. Actress/comedian Molly Shannon talks about a flowered jumpsuit that didn’t quite have the effect she wanted even though it seemed like a bold, fashion statement at the time. 

Each story is accompanied by a few details like the regrettable article of clothing description, where it was purchased and for how much, and how many times it was worn. 

In one memorable example, Peter Davis (an editor/writer in New York City), dishes on his sweater—only worn once—from the cult skater label Supreme which has the word “hate” written all over it:

“When I first saw the sweater, I thought it had the word hair written all over it. Then I realized it said hate. Others might say they bought the sweater as some big social statement, but me, I bought it because it fit well and was the colors of Good & Plenty.”

The best part? This description: “Once I owned the sweater, deciding where to wear it was the hard part. I knew I needed a hate-friendly crowd. Thus, I wore it for an event during New York Fashion Week. People reacted to the sweater a little too well, and I found myself having to have the same conversation over and over.”

Not every story is as fun and riveting as this one. In fact, there are some cute outfits that do work despite what the storyteller says. But perhaps we’re a bit more open-minded here at transatlanticmode

For that reason, we have a soft spot in our heart for this new fashion tome. And we’re on board with the tone and message the author states in the intro about the book: “It never preaches. It never judges. It never suggests you might become a better person by wearing Egyptian cotton.” 

When fashion can be so serious, take solace in these 192 pages of semi-cringeworthy photos and stories which will inevitably make you feel better about that (insert embarrassing garment here) you bought and wore 5-10 years ago. After all, misery loves company—and a good laugh.  sc

"I Actually Wore This" (Rizzoli USA) is available now.