Mix Mistress

Franziska Michael at Berlin Fashion Week

It’s clear to see the symbiotic relationship Berlin shares with designer Franziska Michael. They both inspire each other creatively with no bounds in sight. The city can be unpredictable but so can Franziska Michael. And that’s why, season after season, nothing is ever the same—or even boring—in her world. But there are few things you can rely on.

Her billowing shapes and eye-catching prints embrace a unisex look with touches of straight and geometric cuts. She aims for androgyny but still manages to bring feminine accents to life with softer silhouettes. Some designs in past collections incorporated color blocking mixed with powerful prints and smooth textures you just want to touch. Currently on her website, the back of a jacket mixes the print of a face with strands of hair on top of the head—designed for both sexes.

I have no information on what to expect for her show at Berlin Fashion Week, and that’s par for the course. My only expectation is to be in awe, yet again, of her boundless imagination. -sc

Franziska Michael presents her collection at Berlin Fashion Week on Friday, July 7, 2017.