On Staying True to Ourselves  

A quest for followers on Instagram

When we started transatlanticmode, one of the words that kept coming up in our conversations was authentic. We wanted to show what style can mean for any woman because let’s face it: we got a lot of messages about how to not be ourselves from other magazines and websites. Here, we wanted to celebrate women for who they are - no matter their age or size or style choices! That’s why you won’t see us getting snarky; you also won’t see us heavily photoshopped.

Because the thing is: we like ourselves. Why wouldn’t we want to stay true to that?

Well, if this one designer’s thesis project is any indication: a lot of people don’t. WIth a quest for followers, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven did a really interesting experiment in determining what kinds of images get the most likes. Her aim: to see “how much we are distorting reality with the aim of ‘Instagramming’ it.” Her website is really eye-opening.

Screen capture: www.a-quest-for-followers.com

Screen capture: www.a-quest-for-followers.com

With just 24 posts, the quest got over 10,000 followers within a few months. And she did so by taking pictures of herself, photoshopping it to match images she’d taken from others’ Instagram accounts and posting them. Not only did she alter pictures of her butt, she superimposed herself on a backdrop of Dubai, in the shower, even played around with bubbles in a bubble bath. Take a look for yourself.

While we’re still getting our feet off the ground, experiments like this have really got us thinking: is it worth it to fake our lives for the sake of likes? Is that really what living our best lives are about? ct