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Female tattoo artists in Europe who make magic

For some of us, it’s about remembering a time and place—permanently. Or it’s all about expressionism and symbolism. Tattoos, which were once considered a no-go, have been increasingly more accepted and visible and dare we say it, fashionable. Models like Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have popularised them more. But where oh where to go and find the right artist? Here are four female tattoo artists in Western Europe who can possibly do the deed with their illustrious Instagram profiles (and a slideshow) for proof.

Emily Alice Johnson @emilymalice
Fun, sexy, playful, versatile: these words come to mind when viewing Emily’s work. She has mastered the art of voluptuous lip tattoos, yet she can illustrate flora and fauna in clean, minimalist lines. She can also do single needle work which replicates the look of a detailed illustration. Emily is currently in London and has traveled as a guest artist to other studios, but book well in advance as her work is in great demand. 

Susanne König @suflanda
Susanne is literally a “king” of the tattoo world, as her surname literally means that. Her imaginative designs often include animals of all kind in witty scenarios, as well as traditional themes such as tea cups, ships, mermaids, and other aquatic visuals. This makes sense, especially as she’s based in Hamburg, Germany. Even a quick glimpse at her Instagram photos is likely to put a smile on your face—that, or you will be drawn in for hours, poring over the details of her art. It happened once to a friend I know.   

Anna Neudecker @labigotta
Though Anna might be labeled a surrealist with her floral-head women or a pair of legs caught between a clam shell, she also inks classic work like a curvy snake, soft roses, and other intricate florals in her signature style. With such a steady hand and seemingly infinite imagination, it’s no surprise Anna collaborated with Jil Sander: she tattooed a one-of-a-kind bag sold at auction. It also helps that Anna tattoos her clients in one of the fashion capitals: Milan. And just like the agony of being on a wait list, Anna’s books are currently closed.

Tanya De Souza-Meally @TanyaDSM
Ancient Greece or Rome would have seemed like the perfect work environment for Tanya, whose speciality tattoos are statues and sculptures with precise dot work. But you can find her nowadays in Berlin when she’s not on the road as a guest tattoo artist in Asia or Australia. The truth is, Tanya can tattoo anything, and her range is spectacular: from lettering and sea creatures to portraiture and art nouveau. Deciding on the right design and where is the hardest part. -sc