With A Little Help From My Friends


Belated thanks to all the people who’ve influenced my style

While I was walking down a street I stroll every Monday through Friday, something caught my attention. I slid my phone out and snapped a photo of two women, who, as far as I could tell,  weren’t related but—intentionally or not—matched one another with their bold coats and floral pants. I loved witnessing this. It made me think of calling my close friends on the phone as  a teenager. We'd ask each other what we were wearing that night – and not in a phone sex operator way. It was just to get a sense of how dressed up (or down) we should be.

Although I never twinned with any of my friends, they each, in their own way, have inspired me and influenced my personal style throughout the years. Maybe I’ve copied them and “borrowed” bits and pieces of their wardrobe in helping me define my own. Seeing these two women walking side by side made me realize how much certain people impacted my wardrobe so I though I'd write a huge thank you to them. A short—but by no means—definitive list.

To RAM, I’ve learned the valuable lesson of “less is more” though I tend to go “more is more.” 

Of course to my sister, S, for sharing our clothes as teens and always being forward-thinking and never opposed to thrifting.

What would this list be without my mom who gave me the space for creative expression.

To e, who has been my eternal goth inspiration à la Robert Smith.

To MZ, whose closet would be a dream to live. She’s my personal influencer starting way back in New York when we first met at work.

To K, who has taught me the value of skulls and skull prints and mastering the art of being feminine with a laid-back edge. Also concerts. Also studs and spikes and leather.

To another M, the ex of B, and whose style is really beyond compare. She’s worked in corporate fashion environments, taking their visuals up several notches.

To T and C, who were instrumental to my introduction to streetwear.

To GM, who just always looks femme and elegant in everything no matter what she wears.

To E, who has got to be the preppiest person I know; I’ve learned to speak the language of J.Crew through her.

To B, who initially introduced me to the Beacon’s Closet and other old vintage warehouses that no longer exist in the five boroughs of NYC (Domsey’s anyone?)

To A, who can sew but also knows the value of a good Marc Jacobs dress. And for encouraging me to be crafty, ie to knit.

To L, a friend of A, who appreciates supporting local designers and can wear anything she wants.

To J, who doesn’t mind a good flea market and charity shop in our adopted hometown.

To Z, who sees eye-to-eye with me if we’re shopping for new clothes. My British homegirl source.

To KK, whose mostly navy blue apparel has made me think about color uniformity. She also can mix new pieces with vintage and make it all work somehow. Also, her astonishingly great jewelry collection. And a fellow Angelena. 

To KC, who appreciates vintage everything and whose closet I would love to raid if we were the same size.

And most importantly, to C, who has become a true pillar of strength and honesty, who can intelligently discuss style like no other and who has her own way of communicating badass expat American femme through her clothing choices: in classic neutral tones paired with understated jewelry. She’s also fearless in crop tops.