Meet Monsieur Guillot

The Other Laurent You Should Know

Hidden in plain sight on the Rue de Turenne in Paris is the shop and atelier of Monsieur Laurent Guillot. Rue de Turenne is one of the main arteries of the Marais, a bustling neighborhood with a vibrant art gallery and fashion scene, but the atelier itself isn’t nearly as busy as the street it’s on: the few times I’ve visited the shop, I was the only customer in there. The jewelry designer himself came out to greet me, help me with tough decisions (i.e., narrowing down my 10 choices to three items) and ring up my purchase.

Guillot is mainly a one-person act with dry, overworked hands in need of moisturizer. He wears a distressed, faded-white, labcoat that covers his day clothes. Whenever someone enters his shop, it seems like Guillot is interrupted from sculpting one of his masterpiece-like accessories, made of plexiglass and other luminous materials. His workshop, where all the magic happens, is hidden behind the shop, easily accessible through a door in back of one of the display cases. 

Guillot crafts each piece himself and every item is made in Paris. His accessories naturally start conversations and sometimes they appear like they were lifted from earlier decades in the best way possible. The literal height and geometric shapes of the 80s as well as cocktail rings inspired by the beehive hairdos of the 60s come to mind. The most comforting thing to know about Guillot’s designs is that they know no age so anyone from a youthful ingénue to a grande dame can wear them with aplomb. Guillot even offers his two cents if asked. 

Though he has collaborated in the past with a few notable fashion houses including Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Courrèges, the big names don’t add much: his jewelry speaks for itself. C’est chic.

If you’re in Paris, be sure to stop by; the website doesn’t do the man or his creations much justice but you can check out the link for more info: Laurent Guillot