We're All Ears

Two Designers Prove Bunnies Are Forever

Hipsters embraced and then broke up with the owl and the deer years ago, but when it comes to animals in fashion, the bunny seems to stick around for all seasons—especially spring. Mandy Coon and Minna Parikka are two designers who are known for their iconic, perennial accessories: one designer makes handbags, and the other, shoes. If you haven’t yet been introduced to both of these talented women who source their items from fine materials, then here’s your chance to jump down the rabbit hole.


Mandy proudly produces 99 percent of her accessories in New York State and New York City, and celebrities like Lady Gaga and Alexa Chung have been spotted wearing her bunny bag. When asked why she thinks her signature Ginny bag has had staying power, Mandy believes, "It's cute but not too cute, and it's a little dark, but witty. And there's a sense of nostalgia with it--it's like your favorite stuffed toy as a child, but all grown up and clad in black leather. It's chic, but with a wink."
Mandy is no stranger to the fashion world and actually started off as a model who has traveled around the world. And before you judge her as a model turned designer, Mandy studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Technology (FIT) in New York City and completed an apprenticeship with Camilla Stærk. Mandy has also designed clothing in the past as well as other accessories like harnesses and jewelry. And if all of this history isn’t enough to convince the hardcore critics about her coolness factor, she has been a DJ, and as you can see on her instagram feed, she has made the most adorable clothing and accessories for her young son. 
A new crop of her bunny bags will be available soon in a floral, vegan friendly option. Stay tuned!


Playful, bold and eye-catching, Minna’s bunny shoes are all about the ears and sometimes about the furry pom-poms. Fans on both sides of the pond including Cipriana Quann, TK Wonder and blogger Susanna Lau have hopped around town in Minna’s designs. The Helsinki-based designer has been a lifelong shoe lover and it shows in her craft. At the age of 15, she already knew she wanted to be a shoe designer. She has also tried her hand at a line of buttery leather gloves under her label and for those who desire more height, her heels (with or without bunny ears) are just as attention grabbing. Basically, there is something for every bunny (pardon the pun): sneakers, boots, heels and flats. And one last fact: in the male-dominated shoe design industry, Minna is one of the few women on top.  -sc