Five for Friday: Weekend Away Edition

As you might have seen on Instagram, it was wheels up for these chicas this week so I thought I’d give you a peek inside my bag to give you an idea of how light we pack while on the road in Europe.

First up: the bag absolutely positively cannot be a roll suitcase. As much as I adore their practicality when flying to the US, in Europe, cobblestones make things way too difficult when you're in a rush. Instead, my carry-on is actually a men’s Liebeskind canvas bag I’d bought for the gym. Its outside pocket fits my laptop so perfectly, I use it for two days away. 

In addition to the undergarment essentials, inside you’ll find:

  1. Dermalogica moisturizer and cleansing gel sample-sizes
  2. Amazing flannel pjs to keep the bed linens off my skin and prevent itching
  3. An extra pair of flats (just in case too much walking gives me blisters)
  4. The By Malene Birger dress in the picture because it is virtually wrinkle-proof. Seriously. 
  5. Running gear. Of course. Because 5k a day keeps the illnesses away.

And if you're curious what we've been up to during these days away, follow along over on our Insta account!