Of a Single Mind


The first installment in the new monthly series, I Like It Like This / I Like It Like That, where we compare our difference of our opinion on one seasonal style, looks at how we both feel about swimsuit season. 

Photo: CT

Photo: CT

Stripes over solids and a one piece all the way

Since I can remember, I’ve always preferred a one piece over a bikini. Even when I was a teen, my mother didn’t even bother to bring me to the two piece section at May Company (an old Southern California department store). Ok, maybe I could opt for a monokini at most. She was all about swimsuits being practical and not so much about tanning or being particularly cute and stylish. I’m sure her Filipina background had something to do with shaping these views and indirectly, she passed them on to me—except that I do care about design and detail. 

Over the years, I wasn’t keen on the beach or lounging poolside. In high school, my skin was deathly pale. I recall even having the same GAP swimsuit in red with a handkerchief pattern, and I kept it for so long that it was literally falling apart at the seams.

Nowadays, I’m more inclined to enjoy any time spent beachside and poolside. I recently found this vertically striped Monki swimsuit and I love the crossover straps in the back and the plunging v neck in the front. Before this swimsuit, I had a topshop cut-out, one piece silhouette that looked like a bikini from the back—also with wavy stripes. I admire those one pieces that are a step outside of comfort zones: bold stripes, a slit here, a little bit of skin exposed there, and a vibrant pattern. 

I realize even at my age on the beaches here in Europe, I’m the odd person out. Even the oldest senior women wear bikinis but I still want to wear what makes me feel at ease—stemming all the way back from my youth. Perhaps it’s also my little way of standing out from the crowd. - Sabrina Cooper

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